1. To provide teachers, researchers, scholars, postgraduates and others interested with an opportunity to disseminate their academic work
  2. To offer Thaksin University an opportunity to network with other educational institutions
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Given continuous changes of knowledge in the sphere of humanities and social sciences, new bodies of knowledge have consistently been identified and exchanged, particularly in the changing digital era. This could be ascribed to a diversity of new phenomena in people’s way of life and social changes that has encouraged scholars in such area to examine and research them. Educational institutions therefore play an important role in disseminating the knowledge and fostering its translation through such channels as teaching and learning as well as review and research articles.

To enhance academic and research strengths, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Thaksin University, whose missions are to produce graduates and bolster knowledge in the area to satisfy the society’s needs, has decided to arrange the 3rd National and International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences. The objectives of this conference are to disseminate bodies of knowledge and research and form national and international networks in the field. Teachers, researchers, scholars, postgraduates and others interested can also exchange their knowledge and research experiences. The exchanges are expected to consolidate knowledge strengths in this field, and thereby contributing to social development as well as the country’s development.

Submission and Registration
Submission and Registration Early Bird Rate Normal Rate Fast Track
Paper/Poster Submission Now - 30 April 2022 Now - 31 May 2022 Now - 15 June 2565
Notification of acceptance by 14 May 2022 by 14 June 2022 by 30 June 2022
Last day of registration payment 31 May 2022 15 June 2022
Conference day 8 - 9 July 2022
Online Proceedings by 31 July 2022

Please note that participants are not fully registered until they have completed their payment, submitted a full paper together with a prove of payment in the system (the payment is nonrefundable).

1. Anthropology and Sociology
2. Philosophy & Religion
3. Language & Linguistics
4. Literature & Folklore
5. Social Development
6. Political Science, Public Administration Law
7. Culture & Area Study
8. Media, Information & Communication
9. Business
10. Education
11. Library and Information Science
12. Other topics related

Registration Fees for National Conference

Types of Participants Early Bird Payment Deadline
by 30 April 2022
Regular Payment Deadline
after 30 April 2022
Non-TSU Students and Staff THB 2,500 THB 3,000
TSU Students and Staff THB 2,000 THB 2,500
Non-Presenter/Attendee THB 1,000

Registration Fees for International Conference

Types of Participants Early Bird Payment Deadline
by 30 April 2022
Regular Payment Deadline
after 30 April 2022
Non-TSU Students and Staff USD 150 USD 180
TSU Students and Staff USD 120 USD 150
Non-Presenter/Attendee USD 50
Notes :
  1. The submission is limited to a maximum of 2 papers per person.
  2. Paying the International Conference fee in THB is possible and the exchange rate is subjected to the daily currency exchange rate as of the day you make a payment. Please visit BOT for the daily exchange rate.
Bank : Krung Thai Bank (KTB), Songkhla Branch
Account Name : Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Account Number : 868 - 0 - 04540-3 (Savings)

Please transfer the conference fee to the following bank account and upload your proof of payment through the registration system.